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Breed Promoting Activities

     We have been dedicated to promoting the Ocicat breed through various initiatives, including our collaborations with Animal Planet during the production of their popular shows "Cats 101" and "Too Cute." Our cats played a central role in these programs, with filming taking place in our own home. Our featured episode on "Too Cute," highlighting the charm of Ocicats, is titled "Jungle Kitties & Baby Skunks." These special episodes have enjoyed frequent re-airings, effectively raising awareness and appreciation for the Ocicat breed. 

Click here to go to Facebook and see our cats on Animal Planet's "Too Cute"

Click here to go to Facebook and see our cats on Animal Planet's "Cats 101"


     Also, we've actively engaged in global collaborations to exchange Ocicats with breeders worldwide, contributing to the preservation of a diverse and healthy gene pool. Our international felines have become regular participants in cat shows across Europe. Notably, our collaboration with the Emibell*RU and Amagitsune*RU catteries has yielded exciting results, culminating in the achievement of a new International Grand Champion, Cosmic Spots Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin! 


International Grand Champion
Cosmic Spots Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

Марина Текучева & Yuri at the show

Yuri on his way to Russia : )
 Our courier Vladimir, Anthony, & Yuri.

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