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Adoption Information

Your Ocicat will be vaccines at 4 weeks and then again between 7-8 and 10-11 weeks. Depending on your veterinarian, you will still likely need at one more booster shot from your vet and a rabies shot, depending on your state of residence.

Spay & Neuter Agreement
As part of your contract with us, you agree to have your kitten spay or neutered. This should be done at around six months of age. Breeding rights are not included in the purchase of your kitten.

Health Guarantee
All kittens are covered by our health guarantee. Please see full contract by
clicking here.

As part of your contract with us, you agree not to declaw your kitten. When cats are declawed, the first digit of the cats fingers are actually amputated. It is an extremely inhumane practice. If you are concerned about scratching, please talk to us about "soft claws" they are soft rubber tips that can be glued over your cats nails.

Deposit & Final Payment
We do take deposits to reserve an Ocicat kitten.
Deposits can be paid by money order, bank certified check, cash, or PayPal.
Final Payments are due in cash at the time of pick up.

Those who place deposits in advance will receive a notification that the litter has been born, photographs, and price for each kitten. At this point the person who placed the first deposit gets to take their pick of the litter, then the person with the second deposit picks next, and so on. If there are any remaining kittens, after the kittens have been selected by people with deposits, I send out an email to the individuals on our email list. If you are interested in placing a deposit please let me know.

The possible Ocicat kitten coat colors for our cattery
To see examples of these coat colors
click here.

  • Tawny (black spots with a tan undercoat)
  • Ebony Silver (black spots with a white undercoat)
  • Blue (blue gray spots with a pale gray undercoat)
  • Chocolate (brown spots with a tan undercoat
  • Chocolate Silver (brown spots with a white undercoat)
  • Lavender (tan spots with an oatmeal undercoat)
  • Cinnamon (cinnamon spots with a lighter cinnamon undercoat)
  • Cinnamon Silver (cinnamon spots with a white undercoat)
  • Smoke AOV -Very Rare (dark black spots with a lighter black undercoat, hairs are white at the base near skin)
  • Solids AOV / Ebony Ghost Spot -Very Rare (solid black spots on a solid black background)

When do kittens go home?
Kittens go home around 12 weeks of age. This gives the kittens lots of time to learn and play with their littermates and mom. Also, your kitten will get plenty of time to nurse, and is allowed naturally to self wean. This is less stressful, and gives kittens a stronger immune system.

Many of the families that have our kittens are on Facebook. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page, meet, and talk to the families that have our kittens. It is a fun forum to learn and share information about Ocicats.


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