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We feed a mix of several different foods. We will give you a bag of food to take home, and then you can slowly over the course of a week, change there diet to a kitten food of your choosing. We recommend mixing in increasing amounts of the new food to the existing diet until the kitten is fully eating the new food. Changing a kittens diet quickly can lead to intestinal problems.

Current diet contains unlimited access to:

Natural Balance Kitten Formula

Purina One Dry Cat Food

Wet food twice a day:
Science Diet
Fancy Feast

Here is a list of recommended items to make your kittens transition as smooth as possible.

We also feed wet food several times a day. All of our Ocicats agree that Grilled Chicken Feast in Gravy is their favorite flavor.
Click Here To Purchase Fancy Feast, Grilled Chicken in Gravy, 3-Ounce Can, Pack of 24


Our cats all time favorite treat is Freeze Dried Chicken. We found this bulk bag on Amazon that is much less expensive than purchasing it at the pet store.
Click Here To Purchase Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Treats



Pet Insurance
We highly recommend that you acquire pet insurance for your new kitten. In the first 2 to 3 years of life, kittens are exploring and learning. During this time, they can get into trouble. Sometimes they eat things they shouldn't, or have unforeseen accidents. Pet insurance can covers up to 90% of Vet Bills. This allows you to provide the best care without  bills being an obstacle.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is the #1 rated insurance company for pets. They covers everything that matters including injuries, Illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care. To apply CLICK HERE.

 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

We currently use 2 different litters:
When kittens are small our favorite litter is "Yesterday's News"
Provides superior odor control, minimal tracking, and is virtually dust free. There are 4 varieties but we prefer the "unscented, regular texture". The "soft" variety tends to break down too quickly.  Put about 2 inches in the box, scoop solids through the week. At the end of the week dump the entire contents of the box in the trash and start over.

 Click Here To Purchase Yesterday's News Kitty Litter Yesterday's News

When kittens are older and almost ready to go home we switch them to crystal litter. Our favorite crystal litter is Fresh Results Crystal Litter Click Here to Purchase Fresh Results Crystal Cat Litter



Soft Claws
We do not recommend declawing cats.  Not only are the nails removed, but a significant part of the fingers are amputated in the process. We very rarely have problems with cats that scratch. If they do. we use a product called Soft Claws. You can purchase these on-line or at your local pet store. They are soft clear rubber tips that you superglue over the kittens nails. They usually last for over a month and if you catch your kitten scratching when they are small and use these for several months you should never have a scratching problem.
Click Here To Purchase Soft Claws Nail Caps For Kittens


Nail Clippers
Kittens are growing fast and normally need their nails clipped about once a week. It is usually a two person job. One person holds the kitten, while the other takes the paw, presses down on the last digit to reveal the nail, and clips it in the white area, being careful not to cut to close to the pink quick. Below you will find a link to a very high quality yet inexpensive pair of clippers that we use.
Click Here To Purchase Nail Clippers For Your Kitten


Kennel Heater
I would highly recommend picking up a kennel heater for your Ocicat especially if they will be coming home in the winter. By 12 weeks they are use to always having a place to go to be all toasty when they take a nap.
Click Here To Purchase A Hot Mat For Your Cat


Our cats love these colorful springs. They bounce and roll and provide hours of entertainment.
Click Here To Purchase Spring Toys For Cats


For pick up you will need a cat carrier.  You should get one large enough for an adult cat, so that you don't have to purchase a larger one one later.

If you will be flying with your cat, contact your airline for specific carrier dimensions. The requirements are different for each airline.

Click Here to Purchase A Large Cat Carrier

It is also nice to have a carrier liner, it is like a little bed that fits perfectly inside your carrier.
Click Here To Purchase A Cat Carrier Liner



Cat Trees
Our favorite cat trees are from Armarkat. They are made from solid wood and premium carpeting. Replacement parts are even available on many of the models. Built to last!

Click Here To See Armarkat's 57 Inch Cat Trees  
Click Here To See Armarkat's 60 to 70 Inch Cat Trees  
Click Here To See Armarkat's 72 Inch Cat Trees  
Click Here To See Armarkat's 89 Inch Cat Trees  

Food & Water Bowls
Click Here To Purchase Spotted Bowls


Ocicat Street Sign
Click Here To Purchase The Ocicat Street Sign


I Love My Ocicat Coffee Mug
Click Here To Purchase The I Love My Ocicat Coffee Mug




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